We are pleased to give you information about our experience with Kathleen Pasin.


First a brief bit of background.  My wife's youngest sister died very unexpectedly on Dec.27, 2009.  My wife was named executor for her sister's estate. Jennifer, the deceased sister, owned a small home in 'old Palo Alto' which was built in 1927.  Jennifer's financial advisor (and good friend)recommended that we retain Kathleen Pasin of the Coldwell-Banker Co. as our realtor in the sale of Jennifer's property.  He stated simply that she knew the PA area and was the 'best there was' and we wouldn't be sorry.  Since we lived in Portland, Oregon and were complete strangers to the Palo Alto scene we were at a serious disadvantage in knowing what to do and were comforted by such a confident recommendation.


The house was in need of repair, cleaning and painting. Kathleen made a comprehensive list of the things that needed to be done prior to sale.  This included a new heating system, replacement of the garbage disposal system and some related plumbing repairs, repair of several small gas leaks, extensive cleaning and inside painting, renovation of the bathroom tub and floor, and several other jobs including the repair of the front door woodwork that had been badly damaged by the Palo Alto EMT in the process of gaining entry in order to assist my wife's sister. 


Kathleen was keenly aware that we were new to the area and didn't know where to start preparing for a sale.  She told us that she had contact witha variety of subcontractors and "handypeople" whom she trusted and with whom she had worked in the past, and offered to arrange for andcoordinate the various jobs. For us, this required a leap of faith andtrust, but it was the best move we ever made. Suddenly life improved. Kathleen kept us in the loop at every turn - calmly coordinated the subcontractor's work and made things work.  She was able to do this because she was honest, direct, firm and very pleasant - all at the sametime - not an easy combination. 


The fix-up andclean-up went quickly and well.  Kathleen arranged for her fellow realtors to walk through the house prior to setting a sales price and usedtheir collective judgment.  She staged an open house for a Sat. and Sun.and on the following Wed. called my wife with four offers from qualified buyers.  Three of the four offers were in excess of the advertised asking price.  One of the offers was accepted and the sale close thirty days later.  We were completely satisfied, more than that we were grateful to have had the experience of knowing and working with Kathleen.  If the need arose again, we would hire her without question.


Sincerely, Bob (and Shirley) Coffin  


We were extremely happy with Kathleen Pasin. She was very professional and personable. She was not pushy but gave us clear feedback about our ideas. I would characterize my husband and I as high-maintenance and she answered every question (there were many) promptly and pleasantly. We liked that she was flexible, very familiar with the area, clear in her responses, extremely helpful through the entire process, and good natured. I always felt like wewere her first priority and she had several other clients, a family and a part-time job as the local ice-skating teacher (her childhood passion). I still feel like if we called her up with a question, she would get back to uspromptly with a well-researched answer. Overall, we were very happy to have chosen Kathleen Pasin. If we were to start over, we would absolutely use her as our realtor again.


Goodluck with your search!


+Rachel Cleary

I am more than happy to refer Kathleen to you.  She sold our home in Half Moon Bay and then found us a home in Palo Alto.  Shewas very professional, pleasant, easy to work with, extremely knowledgeable ofthe area and was sensitive to our needs.  I know she went the "extra mile" for us as our agent.


Kathleen was a savior to us when selling our home.  We were selling right as the market was going down.  Our original Realtor had not received one offer in three months.  We decided to try someone different and hired Kathleen.  She made a few suggestions to make the house more attractive and found us contractors at affordable prices.  The work was completed quickly, some staging furniture was brought in from her own collection and we were back on the market.  She got us an offer within oneweek which fell through on the buyers side, but then got us another offer the week after.  We closed just in time before the market really got worse. She was extremely savvy and was able to get us a very good price at a difficult time in the market.  We were so grateful!


When buying our home, Kathleen found us houses that were on the market and sometimes off the market.  We had a limited amount of money to spend and she really worked hard with us to find the right home.  At first we felt frustrated with the prices in Palo Alto and were unsure whether we could afford the area. She assured us the right home would be found.  She created postcards for us and passed them out in the neighborhoods we were attracted to and could afford.  It worked.  She received a call from one of the homes we had placed a postcard and they were interested. It has been close to four years that we have lived in our house and we couldn't be happier.  I know that her proactive approach is what got us our home.




Zoe Anna Peters

Dan Peters



Kathleen helped us sell our treasured home in Palo Alto and found us a beautiful new home in Los Gatos in record time. She was an absolute pleasure to work with, thoroughly understanding conditions in a rapidly transitioning market, and going out of her way to make the entire process as uncomplicated as possible. Kathleen's attention to detail and on-target recommendations ensured a stellar transaction.  We highly recommend Kathleen, she is a true professional with a wonderful heart- a winning combination!

Pamela Price-Hawley 




If you are thinking of a doing real estate transaction in Palo Alto, your search is over! Working with Kathleen, we realized how well she knows the market and the neighborhood. She took the time to understand our needs, spent as much time as we needed to take us to available properties, and finally got the exact place we wanted in an extremely competitive market.

She is professional and yet has a very strong personal touch in how she works with her clients. Absolutely a 5-star rating with the highest recommendations!

Rajiv D. 


When you are a buyer in a seller's market, you need an expert realtor who is not only  very familiar with the area, but has the necessary relationships and network to successfully represent your offer to the selling agent. You also need someone who is extremely responsive, honest, and patient. Kathleen meets and exceeds all these requirements, and does it with a smile. Kathleen frequently met us on a moments notice to view a house that had just popped on the market that day, always accommodating our busy work schedules and our need to bring our two-year-old along with us. She wrote offers and made phone calls for us at all hours of the day and night, and never pressured us. She never became frustrated or impatient when I ruled out a house for a seemingly ridiculous reason (and I did this more than once!). When we finally found our perfect home and got an accepted offer, Kathleen's amazing service did not end there. We closed on our home a month ago, and she continues to help us out with contractor recommendations and home warranty items. She really goes above and beyond for her clients and I would not hesitate to work with her again. Kathleen is by far the best realtor we've ever worked with and we cannot thank her enough!

Kelly Berman 


Kathleen was very helpful and supportive in this crazy home buying environment. She picked the right open houses and accommodated our busy schedules. She was never pushy or pushed her agenda on us. Very professional as well as warm. Always willing to help even after the home was purchased. Gave her honest feedback on homes during visits and always asked us what we think to further refine our search. She was also very patient during the negotiation process and thorough. She is a great partner to have while purchasing a home which is otherwise a very overwhelming job! All the best!

 Palak Joshi 



After wasting several months with an agent who wasn't responsive and didn't know the area well enough, Kathleen was a DREAM come true. She helped us hone in on several realistic options and when the time came to close the deal, she really helped drive things to conclusion. HUGE THANK YOU!!! Would work with her again for sure!